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Book Design – Joan O'Neill
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Book Design

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book design

Client: Abbotsleigh

Project: Abbotsleigh’s annual yearbook: The Weaver

Brief: Contract design work for Abbotsleigh. Design and layout of their 200 page annual yearbook with editorial direction from Abbotsleigh’s publications editor. The 2015 student yearbook committee chose the theme of “A bigger picture” for the yearbook which was my creative direction for the book.

Solution: 2015 Weaver: Due to an expansion in the Abbotsleigh Publications office I largely provided remote services to create their 200 page yearbook. We worked together in their offices once a week. I like to use as many images as possible in this book, so I made a collage out of hundreds of their photos for the cover and chapter headers. These collages reflected the creative direction of “A bigger picture.” Hand lettered chalkboards were also used for the cover and chapter headers. Keeping with this vintage theme all page elements were made to look like they were stitched onto the page.

2014 Weaver: We chose an Instagram look and feel; Instagram being the current social media choice for the students in 2014. We used as many photos from their year as possible to make it lively and personal for the students. Thinking back, we all know how much it means to find ourselves in those yearbooks, so my focus was making the most of all the images available for the year.

I worked in Abbotsleigh’s publication office alongside their staff to create this book. Because of the great organisation of this department we were able to get this book to print on time and within budget. A job well done with the book marking a year in Abbotsleigh’s long history.


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