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Publication Design

Client: Harvey MacKay

Project: MacKay Roundtable Application

Brief: Harvey MacKay, Best Selling Author, Speaker and CEO, developed a training program which offered to take 30 of the most successful business owners to the next level. He needed the content of the training application he created to be designed. The application needed to be extraordinary and to communicate the quality of training he was offering to high level executives.

Solution: We created his 20-page application by simply typesetting the pages beautifully. Typography is an art into itself and this content needed nothing more than perfectly executed typographic pages on the inside. Harvey had a lot to communicate in this application and we didn’t want anything to get in the way. The inside pages were printed on high quality cotton paper making it feel elegant.

For the cover we chose a very tactile cardstock with a luxurious feel and embossed the logo we created for his Roundtable on the front. The end result was a huge success as his application reached the offices of these high level executives. His 30 training spots filled up fast.

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