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Client: YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities

Project: Employee Awareness Campaign

Brief: The YMCA’s founding core values of Responsibility, Caring, Respect and Honesty provide the foundation for their organisation. The Twin Cities Y’s came up with a campaign to make these core values more apparent to their employees on a daily basis. The acronym of FOCUS which stands for: First impression, Own it, Connect, Uniqueness, and Supportive would be used to help the employees tap into their Y’s core values each day.

Solution: We created the acronym of FOCUS with their describers into a graphic. This graphic was used to make posters, screen savers, and plastic cards for employees to wear on their employee ID lanyards. They kicked off the campaign with each employee receiving their own card to wear, and posters were placed in employee areas. Each week screen savers highlighted one area that brought the core values to life in their daily work. Each letter was made into a pin that employees earned as they demonstrated their understanding in their daily work. These pins were placed on the strap of the lanyards they wore each day.

The FOCUS campaign’s success in the Twin Cities paved the way for it’s use in Y’s nationwide.

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